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Parents at High School are an important asset to students life and experience as they transition from the Elementry level of school to High School and adults.  Your support for your student does helps make campus life better for teachers and students. 

Parents help make the difference between what cannot be done and what can be done to improve the campus life.  Supporting the programs and activities needs your support in order to manage and maintain a quality of life as well as the quality of education and life on campus. 

Parents may not realize, but there are a few you support the campus programs who don't even have students at the school.  They just want to be invovled and help provide to the students to become better people. 

Therefore, Your help with the theatre can become a postive addition to this great program. 

Frist, become a registered member of the Booster Club means you are part of the group that provides the unbrella of support and legal means in sponsoring fund raising and other related Booster events.  By doing this, you are under the coverage of Booster Insurance and the Booster Corporation - Being non member, you are personally liable when participating with a Booster Sponsored event.

Join your theatre and register as a theatre booster member of the FTA Group. This group operates under the authority of the Franklin High School Booster Club.