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About The Thespian Club
The Thespian Club is dedicated to supporting the Franklin Theatre Company through student leadership and input and encouraging the advancement of standards of excellence in the theatre. We work fundraising and outreach events including the Annual Car Washes, Induction Ceremonies, Homecoming Float, Pizza Night, Overnight Acting Workshop, Festival of the Arts Performances, Fat Cat Awards Night, Senior Breakfast, and Reunion Picnic. The Thespian Club is also responsible for advertising and publicity for each season of performances. The Thespian Club is governed according to their Constitution which can be viewed here. Constitution/ByLaws

What is a Thespian?
Thespians receive the highest recognition due to those who have demonstrated commitment and excellence in their school’s theatre program—membership in the world’s largest theatre honor society. Thespians enjoy the sense of belonging and recognition inherent in being inducted into an honor society. Thespian membership encourages them to practice their craft and to grow as a person. The skills that they learn from a quality theatre arts education—creativity, self-confidence, leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills as well as specific theatre skills—will benefit them in their school days and beyond.

How to become a member:
Everyone is welcome to attend our monthly meetings in room HE5. However, to become a member of Franklin High School's Thespian Troupe, students need to participate in at least two productions and acquire the appropriate amount of technical theatre points according to the International Thespian Society point system. As a member you will receive a year-long subscription to Dramatics magazine, a membership card, access to state of local ITS (International Thespian Society) events, the right to nominate of be considered for ITS awards, scholarship eligibility and many additional benefits. Once you have fulfilled basic requirements and paid the fee, your name will be on the roster and you will be a member of the Thespian Club and inducted into the Thespian Society at a private ceremony.

This link is to the main web site of the ITS/ETA
Educational Theatre Association
The International Thespian Society is a division of the Education Theatre Association.
The International Thespian Society is an honorary organization for high school and middle school theatre students.

International Thespian Society Officers Web site
The purpose of the International Thespian Officers of the Internation Thespian Society is to serve as the voice of the student membership of the organization to the Educational Theatre Association Board.  Officers are student leaders, elected annually at the Leadership Conference.


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