All parents/guardians are encouraged to register with the FHS Booster Club and pay a small registration fee of $5.00. The fee helps offset the expenses of the Booster Club;

By registering (required each physcal year (July-June) you become a member of the FHS Booster Club with voting rights at any General Booster Meeting. You also become eligible to become a member of the Board of Directors and represent your students group at all board meetings. You become a member of the FHS Booster Club Corporation, a California state Corporation. Your participation with your students group is important to helping promote their function and assisting with one of the many groups at Franklin High School.

The Franklin Theatre Association is a an auxiliary group operating under the authority of the FHS Booster Club as is any other group at Franklin High School campus. Known by the Booster Club as "Drama".

The FHS Booster Club provides the umbrella needs for all auziliary groups: 1) liability insurance, 2) Non profit status, 3) centralized accounting system, 4) coordinating with a CPA to file all federal and state forms and fees, 5) registration to the California State Attorney General to have raffles, 6) ability to file for liquor licenses at approved events off campus, 7) a Board of Directors to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

Please register with the FHS Booster Club.  Annual membership is from July 1 current year to June 30 the following year (the academic school year) and only cost $5.00.  Checks payable to FHS Booster Club. Please click on this link ( booster membership form ) and submit your registration form today. Return this form to the school office or send via mail to FHS Booster Club, 6400 Whitelock Parkway, Elk Grove, CA 95757.

Also, some fund raising events will allow your hours worked to be credited to the group you designate you are supporting. Your hours worked is a percentage of total hours worked. That percent is taken from the deignated profits of the events.