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Who Is The Advanced Theatre Class?   Back to The Top

The Advanced Theatre Class is for the most dedicated of Theatre Students. Most have been involved with Theatre for at least one year; many have been with the company for four or even five years. The class includes all grades, from freshman to seniors. However, the level of maturity, demand of the curriculum, and amount of hard work are expected to be high no matter what type of experience students have had.

What We Do:   Back to The Top

The Advanced Theatre Class is responsible for one or more shows each term. In the past, this has included a Halloween Show, Cabaret Dinner & a Variety Show, Lanaea one-act, Children's Show, and Community Service Show. In the future, we hope to add a One-act Festival and Musical Review. Rehearsals are held during class; however, students in the Advanced Theatre Class must have the dedication to spend out of class time to make a production ready for performance. Sometimes students have given up lunches or attended after-school rehearsals to prepare for a show. Honors Advanced and Honors Children Theatre are students expected to work above and beyound normal class time and school hours to complete special projects in order to advance their grades and support the theatre shows.

Not all Advanced Theatre students participate as actors; many are interested in Stage Managing, Costuming, or Gripping for a show; therefore, you may be a candidate for Advanced Theatre.

The Advanced Theatre Class also spends time developing and work shopping monologues and duet scenes. Every year, the best monologues and duets are voted by the students to represent Franklin Theatre Company to compete at a Theatre Festival.

What Is Expected?   Back to The Top

Professionalism is the most important aspect of Franklin Theatre Company and Advanced Theatre. This is one of the most rewarding and fun classes offered at Franklin High School; but it is a lot of work. Advanced Theatre is a class for experienced actors. Students are expected to select both a dramatic and comedic monologue over the summer and come prepared with both at the beginning of the school year. Students also have vocabulary assignments and quizzes as well as some classwork and homework. At the end of each term a play review and 10 tech hours are due. If you are an Honors Advanced Theatre Student, two play reviews, 10 tech hours, and an Honors project are due.

How to Apply:   Back to The Top

Auditions are held toward the end of each year to select Advanced Theatre Students. In the future, students must bring a monologue and song to perform unaccompanied. The song can be a capella or with a tape or CD. Dancing may or may not be required. A panel consisting of Mrs. Sandoval (the Teacher) and Advanced Theatre Seniors listen to each audition.  The students will provide comment to the Teacher who will decide if a student may apply for the Advanced Theatre class.

How we began:   Back to The Top

The Advanced Theatre Class began in 2002. The level of Theatre professionalism is our ultimate goal. They have presented over 60 quality productions, some with running over four weeks, to the Elk Grove Community and beyond.

2009 Community Response to FTC Show:   Back to The Top

"There is no better word than WOW about the production of Franklin High's production of Beauty and the Beast!!  I took my 3 year and 9 year old children, we were captured into the magical world from the moment it started. The production was outstanding, the cast was superior, the choreography was phenomenal!! I enjoyed this production as much as a Broadway show!! I can't tell you how impressed I was with the quality of this production. To all the parents, cast, teachers, directors......BRAVO!! This was our first experience with Franklins theatre, and we can't wait for more!!"

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