2) Each Company member is responsible to maintain proper grades to continue as a cast member.

3) Each cast member is responsible to learn their lines and music and know it at all rehearsals.

4) Each cast member is responsible to review rehearsal schedules to ensure they are attending as scheduled.

5) Each cast member is responsible to care for and maintain issued costumes as directed by the Costume Department. Some costumes may be on loan from other sources and we are liable for them.

6) All cast members should respect the theatre property and set pieces. Each item cost the Theatre Company the money to construct these items and ANY unnecessary damage reduces the profits that can benefit the Theatre Company when they need to be replaced or repaired.

7) All cast members must help keep the theatre areas clean and pick after themselves and deposit all waste into appropriate trash containers. Be sure to return all materials used for rehearsal back to the proper persons or storage locations.

8) Respect the property (Prop) personnel who are trying to gather and provide all necessary props for actors and the show. Help with their organization and maintaining proper controls of property items.

9) All Theatre Company personnel are working towards the same goals, to create a professional set and show and must respect and cooperate with the task each must complete in order to support the production.

10) The adult volunteers are in the theatre to help provide and support the Theatre Company; and they are performing necessary assignments to assist the Directors and Master Craftsman. Respect their presents and efforts to help make this show become a success.

11) All Stage Craft personnel are responsible for proper use and care of tools, to help maintain a clean and orderly shop area, and to take time to clean up before leaving the theatre construction area that includes putting all tools away not in use and sweeping the floor.

12) All personnel must use proper care when using paints. Pour from cans using a brush to swipe paint from the edge of the can, put "drop cloths" on the floor to protect from paint spills and for all painting trays, take time to clean up before leaving the theatre and wash out all painting utensils. Protect stage floor from unnecessary paint spillage. Put away all paint before leaving the theatre.