Marcy Goodnow
FTC Acting Coach Marcy Goodnow

• Snack before, not during rehearsal. Also at breaks, stay energized with healthy snacks.
• Being punctual shows respect to all involved.
• Be ready for rehearsal: dance shoes on, script/music out, etc.

• Water, water, and water... stay hydrated!
• Dance clothes: comfortable clothes to move in, dance shoes, character shoes, etc.
• Script, music, pencils, highlighter, etc.
• Recording device: for music rehearsals especially if you do not read music.

• Focus most importantly! Be ready to work! This is fun, but it is hard work to make this a GREAT production!
• Talking/chatting is unacceptable while in rehearsal. Let everyone focus; do not pull attention from those who want to work.
• Pay attention to what is going on during rehearsal even if you are just waiting for your turn. You want to be ready at a moment notice so that you don't waste any working time.
• If you are excused from the rehearsal please leave the rehearsal area.
• Senior Company members should lead by example, help BUT do not tell them what to do that is the Directors job.

• You will not always get the part you want. So a GREAT attitude will make the most of it!
• You will learn with every show you do, no matter what part you play if you have the right attitude.
• Create a character: shy, excited, etc. My job is to work with everyone to create these characters.
• Always have a positive and helpful attitude.
• If you have down time you can be a SELF MOTIVATOR: study lines, rehearse scenes, rehearse music, or ask if you can help with any sewing, etc.
• Being helpful during rehearsals means PAYING attention and not PULLING attention with chatter or conversations that can be had after rehearsal.
• You can attain "layers of knowledge" by learning every part of theatre, lighting, sound, costume, stage management, etc. Be open to help whom ever you can THIS is a great ATTITUDE!

• Be on time.
• Bring water, water, and water!
• Have appropriate shoes and dance wear on.
• Be stretching/rehearsing.
• After learning any dance routine take notes so you can practice at home.

• Be on time.
• Bring water.
• Bring a recording device (especially if you don't read music)
• Have pencil and music ready.

• Be on time.
• Bring similar or the shoes you will be wearing in the show to rehearse in.
• Also start using any costume/prop that you will have to get use to as soon as possible.
• Have script and pencil to write down any blocking. DO NOT DEPEND ON YOUR
STAGE MANAGER. It is your job to get this information, if you need to you can double check for clarification with the stage manager after the rehearsal.

• As you can tell, I feel water is very important when rehearsing. It is important to stay hydrated and take care of your body.
• Try to eat healthy snacks, fruit, protein bars, sandwiches, etc.
• TRY TO STAY AWAY FROM SUGAR! Soda and candy do nothing good for your body.


As an actor your body is your instrument.
Take care of yourself and be safe.
It is up to you to be a responsible actor and make good choices.