Some cost of actors is asked of them, You and them will be notified of actual needs.  Estimated Costs: $50 -- $100 per Cast Member. This is in addition to a cast donation to help defray other cost of the show.  The theatre shows are not funded by the school Only by Donations, Ticket Sales, Fund Raising & Volunteer Help does all this happen.  This cost is in addition to a cast donation asked to help defray other cost of the show.


Volunteer help is greatly appreciated in areas of: Set Construction, Decorations, Costumes, Concession, Fund Raising Events, and as Theatre Monitors during rehearsals and shows. Contact our Theatre Association about how you can help, complete a registration form to further assist them to notify them of your interest. Attend the monthly meeting of the Theatre Association in the drama class room. You are needed and you are appreciated!!


Be sure purchase show tickets when they go on sale to ensure a seat at the show. Ticket Info:   Parents of cast members and their families may obtain tickets prior to the public sales of tickets. Your cast member will receive information, if they don't tell you, ask them or contact The ticket agent at:

Set Construction

Set work parties are usually every day after school and as needed. Any questions contact John Hanrahan at 501-7741, or email:  click here

Call List

Every day, in the class room, is posted the "call list". This tells actors who is required to be in attendance after school for rehearsal. (Normal hours are: 3:30 to 6:30 P.M.)


Rehearsal Schedules are provided to all actors, Rehearsal can span from 6 -- 8 weeks. During the last week of Rehearsal, thd Dress rehearsals may go to 8:00 PM.

Cast Info

Please review the cast information on this web site for "Cast & Audition".


Please be sure to have transportation available after rehearsal so students are not hanging around the school waiting for a ride. Usually at 6:30 P.M. During the last couple of weeks of rehearsal, there may be reason to hold actors until - 8:00 P.M. Actors usually know this.

School Work

During rehearsals, students are encouraged to work on homework assignments or help tutor fellow students. If no homework, they can read a book, possible to help with set construction or painting, or just set back and be quiet on the set and have a moment to just relax.

Food Drinks

FOOD & DRINKS: Students are encouraged to bring a snack and water during rehearsals. 

However, on the main dress rehearsal evenings, the Franklin Theatre Association will provide food and drinks right after school. Your help with this occasion is important as we usually have over 60 people to feed at the most.

The reason for this activity is because all show personnel are required to be at all dress rehearsals. These rehearsals will last for about 4 to 5 hours while many final adjustment are addressed during the dress rehearsals. Usually this involves about 3 nights prior to opening night of the show.

The Booster Parent Group is providing Water in the Classroom, but we need small 5/6oz drinking cups. If you can provide some, this is appreciated.

Cast Party
There is a Cast party after the last scheduled show: However, the cast needs a host to volunteer to have them.