Cheryl has been helping design and construct costumes for FTC shows since 2004.  She has won Elly awards and several nominations for her costuming.

Cheryl began learning about sewing in High School and much from her mother.  Cheryl found a great interest in costuming shows and putting her sewing skills to work at FTC.    She returned to college to start learning more about sewing and building clothing.  She is working towards a degree with emphasis on theatre costuming.

Cheryl will begin reviewing scripts to detemine the era, types of costumes, and then will begin lots of reseach to define the costuming for a show.  She then begins shopping for various materials, checking the FTC costume closet for reusable costumes, and also develop a list of items that will be required to rent from a costume shop.

Cheryl has developed a large inventory of costumes for FTC along with an inventory of items required to support costume construction.  She also has a large library of patterns and working to keep everything organized.

Thanks to many parents who help with some of the costume construction, many students who help manage the inventory, and some students in classes who have helped here with varies stages of costuming, not only prior to shows, but also during shows as dressers.

Chery has directed some of FTC's Dinner Show and has directed Holiday shows featuring a Panto format.