1. Open School Auditions are held for 4 shows in each school year.
    1. Dinner Show Auditions open to FHS.
    2. Fall Show: Auditions open to FHS.
    3. Winter Show: Auditions open to FHS.
    4. Spring Musical: Auditions open to FHS and Only this show is open for Toby Johnson students to Audition.
    5. All other Auditions are from within the classes.
  2. How to Obtain Audition Packet:
    1. On-line from theatre or theatre school loop web site or in Room HE5 at school.
    2. Audition Applications MUST be COMPLETE with a photo.
    3. Turn in the form on day of registration!  The 1st Audition date or before.
  3. What do I wear?
    1. Black is normal, but wear something neutral.  It’s your acting the panel wishes to see, not your fashion statement that can detract from you.
    2. Wear flat shoes for girls, no heals. Do not wear tennis shoes, shoes you can move on the floor easily and  are good for dance Auditions.
  4. Do I need music?
    1. Your audition packet will tell you this.
    2. In some cases, they will provide music and teach it to you.
    3. If you are required to have music, Come prepared with 16 bars and a copy of the music.  You will be given a moment to go over a song with the accompanist.
  5. What about grades? Must have a 2.0 with no "Fs" throughout the auditions, rehearsals and shows.
  6. How long are Auditions: They start at 3:30 P.M. and last until all have auditioned, estimated end time 6:30 to 7:00 P.M.
    1. Auditioners are taken in order of numeric registration on day 1.
    2. Call backs may last longer for some auditioners.
    3. Those that are not called back does not mean you didn’t get a part, just means they need to see others to review them again for directors reasons to cast a show.
  7. What do I need to bring?
    1. A drink and a snack is best to have.
    2. Don’t forget the Clothing as noted above in #3.
    3. Music if required.
    4. A positive attitude.
    5. A monologue memorized;  however, they will have “Cold Read” from scripts available.
  8. Your audition begins the moment you come in the door to the theatre building.